Monday, May 5, 2008

Camping in Hatteras 08

We had a great camping trip this weekend. It was short, but the girls (2 & 5) were just about done, so I think the duration was perfect. We left home shortly after 10 on Saturday and were back just after lunchtime on Sunday.

They were ready to roll!

We couldn't have taken anything else if we'd tried!

My bathing beauties!!!

Roasted marshmallows on the beach....mmmmm...

Snuggle bugs...

The "tick talley!" Official grand total 16 (so far).

Apparently we just missed the "mother ship." This was in some guys front yard. Talk about a strange yard ornament!

It was nice to be back at home. The girls decided to get rid of the bird poop from their swings so they could enjoy the sunshine. Working hard for a good time...I love it!

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Kelly Crost said...

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