Thursday, May 15, 2008

Its My Party I Can Stink if I Want to...

Mother's Day this year was awesome and full of surprises. Cayden and I were at the horse show so Eric and Ashton cleaned the house, washed all the clothes, went grocery shopping and cooked dinner and decorated for a party.

Ashton was so excited -- she put her party dress on and she and Eric hid so they could yell surprise when I came in the house.

The fine china, candles and flowers...

My man cooked the Southern Living $100,000 recipe...yum!

Cayden had to have her party dress on too.

**Side note: I was coming from a horse show so I was looking rough and smelling worse. I told Ashton I was sorry I was so stinky for my party. She said, "that's ok, its your party, you can stink if you want to."

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