Friday, May 30, 2008

Top Ten….

Now that testing is over, check out my list of the top ten most random things kids do when bored and forced to sit in silence:
10. Practice sign language
9. Punch themselves
8. Bang head on desk
7. Pick their zits (or if they don’t yet have zits, their noses)
6. Use their number 2 pencils as controllers for an imaginary bulldozer
5. Compare the size of their nose to the length of their ears
4. Retreat with their heads in their shirts like a frightened turtle
3. Squeeze their nostrils and try to make them stick
2. Pull one arm inside their shirts and pretend they are an amputee
And the most random thing I saw a bored student do after testing…
1. Refine their newly acquired kissing skills by practicing on their knee

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