Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Romance, Mystery and Intrigue

Ok, I need your help! Each year e-roc and I go on an anniversary trip. We take turns surprising each other with the location (note: it took me about 3 years to learn this fact). We usually do a long weekend and have been to lots of fun places like Williamsburg, VA; Wilmington, NC; Rock Hall, MD; Asheville, NC; etc. This is our tenth anniversary and the trip is a little longer than normal. Eric is in charge and has been leaving me clues in various places like this one from yesterday:

The problem is I am clueless as to what they mean! Perhaps you can help...

Clue #1: What day was it when I first asked you out on a date? (my answer - Wednesday)

Clue #2: The name of the company I first worked for after college? (either INRI or Ericsson --neither of us were really sure)

Clue #3: What was the first place we lived? (In Raleigh, in a basement apartment, off Lake Boone Trail - 2108 Woodlake Place)

Anyone out there got any ideas???

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