Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Next One in The Box

This is my great grandmother, Birdye. She turned 95 last Sunday, she passed away the following Thursday. I will miss her greatly, but I find comfort in knowing I was able to spend a great deal of time with her, share the gospel with her and spend some time reading the Bible to her. She was in her right mind up until the end; which I see as the ultimate act of God's mercy. Perhaps He still had to wrestle with her over some things and she needed that time.

After Birdye left us, we were at the house with the family and my grandad said this great quote, "I guess I'm the next one in the box, so you'd better ask me everything you want to!" He was being funny, but it got me to thinking...we never really know who the "next one in the box" is going to be. Are you ready for it to be you? Have you done all you need to do to reach those closest to you for Christ? They may be the "next one in the box." Be ready either way.

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