Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gum is of the Devil

I've already told you that Eric is chiclephobic. He constantly tells me that gum is of the devil. Last Sunday may have proved his point. It all started in church. My dad is going to beat me when he reads this, but I let my children have gum during the service. It kept them occupied and all was going well until....

Ashton was sitting on my lap in the sound booth (closet) and began to cough. I looked down and realized she was gagging and choking. I sat her up, beat her on the back and she seemed to be fine. She said she had choked on her gum, but swallowed it. I said, "ok" and we settled back down until the service was over. As I was cleaning up, I walked over to power down the sound equipment and felt something squish beneath my foot. You guessed it...she had apparently hocked her gum across the booth.

That was bad enough, but it was not the end. On our way home from that evening's church business meeting, Cayden decided it would be funny to put her gum on her eyelid and, of course, this was the result:

I thought about cutting it out, but was worried my hand would slip. I contemplated ice, but I didn't want to numb her eyeball. I tried soap and water -- no luck. Finally, Eric's favorite food came to the rescue....peanut butter did the trick! Heather, that is how you remove gum from hair.

So do I think gum is of the devil? No, bad breath is of the devil. Gum is an easy cure for that!

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Kyleen said...

Oh MY! I like gum personally and it can save bad breath! So...no its not of the devil...although when stuff like that happens.