Saturday, January 10, 2009

Refugee Camp

So we always go to Tampa for one night on our Christmas vacation. We stay with Eric's grandparents in the retirement village. The homes are rather small (which is good for people their age, but not so good for visitors).

Anyway, Eric and I and the girls usually sleep in the sewing room. Eric and I sleep on a futon and the girls camp out in their sleeping bags. Eric's parents usually sleep in Grandpa's office on an air mattress. Long story short, bedtime came and the air mattress wouldn't inflate. Eric and I volunteered to give up the futon and camp out in the office on the floor. Here is what our spacious accommodations looked like:

The two unoccupied sleeping bags are for Eric and I. Two adults, two children and a dog in one 10 x 10 office crammed with stuff. I can tell you not much sleeping went on that night. This must be what its like to live in a refugee camp!

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