Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Push... -- 100 to be exact! That's how many I plan to be able to do by the end of July (or maybe August). Ashton and I did our initial test today and both managed to eek out 20 before we crumbled. Eric, of course, can do quite a few more, but he's gonna do the challenge anyway. Check out the plans at the one hundred push ups site and join us!

These are the before shots of our "guns." I'm at the top right, Eric's in the middle and, of course, that's Ashton at the bottom left.

Update: Day 1 nearly kicked my rear! I'm doing full body push ups and I can barely lift my arms -- eeked out 45 today though (in the appropriate sets of course).



littleme said...

Whew! Hew!..... check out the gun show!!!!!

Run DMT said...

WOOHOO! You're on your way! WTG!