Monday, October 5, 2009

Netie Pot Nonsense

So my sinuses are driving me crazy right now! C-ra-zy! I was in between trips to the sink to suck salt water up my nose when I came across this post from Seth Godin. It had a couple of tips for surviving sinusitis. He mentioned a nasal irrigator and a daily dose of vinegar.

While its probably not something I really should have shared with the world (because who cares, anyway), I composed this useless post for Twitter and Facebook:

This was one of those rare occasions where social networking functioned to its full potential. I got all kinds of responses and advice -- from wintergreen and menthol steam to vacuum hoses to a netie pot -- and that's where things get interesting. Lots of folks were singing the praises of this "netie pot" thing. I mean Dr. Oz endorses it, so it must be good, right? It sounded like some sort of torture device involving high temperatures and knitting needles to me. So I Googled it to see what all the hype was about. After reading up on it, I decided that this was exactly what I needed and I needed it now.

The problem, of course is that I live in the middle of nowhere (and I love it, by the way) but I didn't really want to drive the half-hour to the nearest pharmacy that would be open on a Saturday. So, I did what any self-respecting creative would do and I scoured the kitchen drawers for supplies to make my own version of a netie pot. About 10 minutes later and this was my useless post:

I love social networking. If a friend is someone who helps you out in a time of need, than these are friends indeed! By the way, this is what the actual finished product looked like. I used an earplug fitted over the end of the turkey baster to get a good seal in my nostril. If you're ever in a pinch, feel free to steal the idea!


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Eric said...

i'm still pretty disgusted about it