Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Rockettes & Camel Poop

I love making holiday memories. This time of year has always been magical. This year mom & dad decided they wanted to take the grand kids (& their parents) to see the Rockettes Christmas show as they toured through Durham.

Mom, Dad, Jen, Eric, all three girls & I went. (My brother would rather be kicked in the groin - in his defense, he was working).

The theatre was beautiful and we could see everything from our seats in the balcony.

I had the pleasure of sitting next to Cayden, which meant there was rich commentary throughout the performance. First it was, "eww I see their underwear" during the high kicks. Then she wanted to know why the toy soldiers lived in dog houses. There was also skepticism over the flying Santa -- she saw the "strings" and explained that they were like puppets. And then my favorite during the live nativity scene: "I sure hope those camels are trained so they don't poop right in the middle of everything!"

Ashton was wrapped up in the show, but apparently also in awe of the lighting. She explained later that during every scene she would try to figure out where the spotlight was coming from.

Carsyn wanted to enjoy it, but was plagued with some digestive issues which are difficult to solve when you have a phobia of auto flush toilets. She was able to replicate some of the dance moves after the show, however.

Naturally the girls had to have a souvenir. Word of caution: these spinny things are of the devil! Both my children have gotten their hair caught in them. Cayden's episode was at the end of the show when (as she describes it) the toy "grabbed her hair and sucked to her head." Ashton it seems, likes to flirt with danger. She purposely stuck her hair in the thing because she, "tried it before & it almost stuck but not really..." She is her Mother's child!

It felt like Christmas outside the theatre -- fake snow and all. Of course this was the only time you could really take photos, so mom & I did!

It was a great day & to top it all off, we got to listen to NC State dominate Clemson football on the ride home! Go Wolfpack! Thanks Mom & Dad. Memory made...

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