Sunday, April 13, 2008

I love my mom!!

Friday was my mom’s birthday. I was thinking about sending her the link to a website with some of our family photos. I know she would enjoy that.

As I was considering sending her this link, I began to think of what type of skills it would require on her part. (Mama is a very intelligent woman, by the way, just a little “duh” from time to time). I realized she would have to put in a password. Sounds simple, I know. I usually instruct people to “just say please” when they get to the password part of the website (because the password is please). Most people don’t have any trouble with that. I thought about telling mom the same thing and then began to laugh because I know she would be sitting in front of her computer audibly saying “please” and getting progressively louder as the machine failed to perform like she wanted it to. In my head I could see the strange stares on the faces of her employees and patients. I could hear the conversations coming from the lounge; see the emails flying recounting the story. So, my gift to Mom is to spare her the public humiliation. I’m not sending the link. Happy Birthday Mom!

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Greg said...

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