Thursday, April 10, 2008

Word Vomit

Kudos to my friend Leah C. for this one...

Word Vomit (v.): Speaking very quickly and not what you originally intended to say.

In its original context here:

"Wow. Is all i can say. I really cannot believe i got up in front of everyone. I was shaking and was really nervous. I cant describe how nervous i was. Sorry to everyone that was there for my talking really fast. After Mrs. Cameron asked me to speak, i was thinking about what i would say, but when i went up there all of my words came out different. It was kind of like word vomit. LOL. haha. But i hope everyone could understand what i was saying : ) Before i turned over my life to Jesus i never in a million years would have spoke in front on everyone, but Jesus gave my the courage to do it, although i was nervous. : ) Ignite was amazing as it is every Wednesday. I realized some of my faults, and that i need to fix them. I pray that Jesus gives me guidance to keep following his wonderful path." -Leah C.

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