Monday, October 13, 2008


I just got done reading churched by Mattthew Paul Turner. It was a very enjoyable, quick read that left me wanting more. Turner's childhood experience as a Fundamentalists gives him an interesting perspective on today's church. I would love to read more about his philosophies regarding our present day "church."

Turner's witty style makes it so enjoyable reliving his fundamental upbringing, that you hardly even realize he's also making you examine your own view of "church." Many of us who grew up in the church, no matter the denomination, can relate to his hillarious descriptions of the crazy stuff we endured like the following passage:

"That's how people became Christians at my church. We invited Jesus to live inside our chest cavities. At the time, I thought it sounded like a painful procedure, one that might involve a shot or stitches. I didn't like pain or blood. I was still at an age when I tried to avoid bowel movements at all costs, so I wasn't sure if I wanted the Son of God building a condo inside one of my atriums."

It'll make you laugh as you think through all that you believe about your own faith. Check it out at

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