Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Crisis 1 Averted

She looks innocent and sweet, but she nearly started a chain reaction that would have put a real damper on the drive to FLA. It was about the 2nd hour of our 12 hour trip and Cayden (the sweet child pictured above), fell asleep with gum in her mouth. This seriously alarmed Eric because he has chiclephobia. I decided to be the hero and swiftly "finger sweep" the gum out before she woke up.

I missed on my first try and had to go in for round two. Of course, the child woke up, bit the bejeebers out of my finger and began throwing a major tantrum. We let her cry for a while until she got so wound up she began gagging. The poor child actually threw up in her mouth! She is good, though, she held it there. Eric began freaking out and throwing tissues at me. Ashton, (the older sister), started gagging at the thought of vomit. I deftly catch the mess with the pile of tissues as Eric yells for Ashton to look out the window and think of something else. All at about 70 miles per hour....crisis 1 averted!

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