Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm Smiling Just Thinking About It

This list, that is! Just because I can, I give you my "happy list!"

- The last day of school ('cause its really on my mind right now)
- Sunny, warm days
- The annual Christmas shopping trip with the girls
- Creating just about anything
- Digging in the garden
- Winning just about anything (I'm slightly competitive -- if you can't win, why play?)
- Relaxing with a good cup of coffee (lots of sugar and cream)
- A good run, by the sound on a semi cool day
- Date night...
- Our annual anniversary trip
- Kissing my little girls' cheeks when they're sleeping
- Toes in the sand
- Smelling jasmine, honeysuckle or lilacs
- Hanging at Mama's house
- A good horse show with Dad (when we're winning, of course)
- Those slightly too long, awkward hugs from my brother (he loves trying to creep me out)!
- A mess of crabs to eat

What's on your list?


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