Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer Top Ten - 7

The summer always gives me opportunity to do a little "horsing around" (literally). This year we didn't do as many shows, but we enjoyed hanging out at the barn from time to time. The girls were a little more independent this summer which meant I could relax a little more.

Giving Birdye a little exercise to build her stamina.

Cayden loves to ride Birdye.

Ashton is getting really good at riding and taking care of Tater Tot all by herself. I even caught her sitting on his back in the stall. (She had hauled a stool in there so she could get on).

Cayden came to let me know that me and Big Daddy wouldn't have to clean up the poop because she and Ashton had already done it. And they had! Now those are some real barn girls...

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