Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summer Top Ten - 8

Cayden turned 4 this summer. This was the year that she really began to understand that it was her special day (or in this instance, week). She took full advantage of it proclaiming, "I'm the birthday girl" at every opportunity!

We started the day with candle adorned chocolate chip muffins.

We headed to a 4-H club meeting where we made fishing poles and enjoyed more sugary goodness.

We met up with Carsyn, Jen-Jen and Big Daddy for some jumping around at Kangaroo Jacks.

We partied some more at home with yet more chocolate...

Cayden got her first bike and went on her first big girl bike ride. She was so excited she looked at us and said, "this is awesome guys!"

A week or so later we continued the fun by celebrating with the extended fam at Mamie's.

Birthdays are so much fun!!


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