Saturday, April 24, 2010

Under the Big Top

We took the girls to their first circus tonight. It looked a little sketchy from the outside, but this wasn't just a "dog and pony show." (Although it did include a dog and pony show).

We started out with an elephant ride. Elephants have really sad eyes. I wanted to open the gates and tell them to run for it, however downtown Raleigh might not be the best place for a couple of pacaderms to run free. But I digress...

Ronald McDonald was there. The girls were really excited about that. Honestly though, he kinda freaked me out. In every picture I took he looked as though he were about to eat someone.

But the "world's largest show under the big top" did not disappoint. There were tigers; a liger; elephants; camels; zebras; ponies; clowns; trapeze artists; magicians; the "dome of danger" with three motorcycles; comdians; a lady who could support her entire body weight on just one finger; and they even shot a guy out of a cannon! Fun times...


Location:Marsh Ave,Raleigh,United States

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