Monday, June 27, 2011

We Made It to the Teens

So my dear husband asks me tonight on the 13th anniversary of our wedding day, "where's the blog post?" "I can't wait forever!" Well, here it is honey. Happy anniversary... we finally made it to the teens.

It was my year to plan the surprise trip. Due to the fact that one of our cars has no AC and the other requires the use of a hammer to start, we borrowed Mom's car and set out for Charlotte.

I decided that some city life and outdoor adventure might be a fun change of pace, so I booked a room at the Omni downtown and got some tickets to the National Whitewater Training Center.

I had never done the whitewater rafting thing, so I was a little nervous. I was afraid I'd fall out and hit my head on a rock or forget which way was up. Eric reminded me that I'd be wearing a PFD but I was still worried I might not be able to get my head out of the water. Being the compassionate guy he is, he told me that if I couldn't figure out how to get my head out of the water I might just be too dumb to raft! What a romantic...

I learned that I am not too dumb to raft and that Eric is more afraid of heights than I realized. He kept saying, "ladies first" on any of the things that we could fall to our death from. I thought he was just being a gentleman and that he just had poor form when he kept falling off the climbing wall. But when he took longer than the 7 year old in front of him to climb the cargo net I realized something more was going on. He finally confessed his terror after we conquered the zip line.

We enjoyed a night on the town Saturday night. Sunday morning we got to experience Elevation church. Then we stretched the trip home into a 9 hour journey by taking the scenic route and several side trips.

It was a great trip. It's been an even better 13 years. I love marking the milestones with you honey. Happy Anniversary.

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