Sunday, August 21, 2011

Keepin It Local

Team Tuck Away stayed close to home this weekend for a fun, local show. The thinking was that our spoiled "diva" horses needed to spend a day traveling back & forth between the show pen & the trailer. It went well and we all had a blast.

We definitely went for the low maintenance, just follow the rulebook look.

Ashton decided it was time to give showmanship a try. Birdye took good care of her.

Of course she had to get a Big Daddy hair do.

All by herself...

Cayden agreed to try the leadline class as long as she could ride Birdye & I would lead.

Competition was fierce, but they pulled it off! Cayden looked at me in the line up & said, "I loved it mama. I want to do it again next time!". Be still my heart!

Horse showin's hard work!

I almost had to walk home cause I BEAT BIG DADDY! It was a blast.

Moe made his showing debut & did great. Carter swept up in the morning classes.

Ash & Peeps owned the afternoon!

It was an awesome day, a step back in time to our early days of showing. Wayne even showed up with fried chicken!

The horses were good and got their lesson & the people were fun & got in their practice too. All in all, I'd say, "mission accomplished."

The End

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