Friday, June 28, 2013

Alaska By Train -- Day 3

Still not much luck in the sleeping department. I did decide to get up during the "dark" hours & take a peek. Turns out its more like dusk. Today's adventure includes a train ride from Anchorage to Denali.

 Let me just say that train rides are much preferable for us grasshopper-legged individuals. The girls enjoyed exploring every inch of the train. 

Inside and out!

My train advice:  you do not want to be using the facilities when the train hits a bumpy section of track -- just saying. 

Our accommodations for the next two days -- Denali Cabins. Or as I like to call it "Home Sweet Cabinlet."

We checked in & ventured to Prospector's Pizza in town where Eric grew horns. Everybody knows he's grumpy when he's tired. (Really, he was fantastic -- sleep deprivation and all). 

It hasn't rained in here in over a month, but of course as were hiking back to our shuttle stop the prayers of Alaskans everywhere were answered. 

Gotta meet a bus at 6am sans coffee so I'd better give this sleeping thing another try...

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