Thursday, June 27, 2013

Earthquake in Alaska -- Day 2

Turns out constant daylight will mess with your internal clock. I typically rise with the sun, but when it doesn't really ever go down...

I debated going for a run, but the size of the wildlife mounted on all the walls is rather terrifying and the prospect of running into a live one, even more so.  Instead I waited until I was sure there would be coffee in the hotel lobby, got up & took a quick look around outside. Having grown up on the coast I've seen plenty of fishing but never fly fishing. Other than the Ocracoke sized mosquitos, it was serene. 

When everyone else got up, we took a stroll & could see the salmon swimming upstream. This guy hooked a huge one. 

We walked into town & took a trolley tour of the city. 
It was here that we learned quite a but about the great Alaskan earthquake in the '60's. It was at the movie afterward that we learned we'd had a small earthquake this morning. Crazy!

We got in a little practice for dog sledding   Complete with the whipping & mush-ing.  
We saw that Alaskans dock their planes the way Currituckians dock their boats. 
We paused for a few photo opportunities. 

And we tried to get our bodies on schedule with a nap. I'm a horrible napper, so this lasted about 15 minutes. Then Ashton & I decided to conquer that running trail, wildlife or not. Of course this meant there would be no running. I think running might be my equivalent of a nap -- and I REALLY needed one. 

Eric & Cayden caught up to us later and we looped back around to show them the sights. The "sights" included lots of beaver dams, bridges, one plover, some random tracks, a guy bird bathing in the river, someone sleeping on a park bench and the most massive dandelions you have ever seen. 

We had dinner at the Bridge restaurant which had a great view of all the fly fishing. 

Then we went for a hike down to the inlet. 

And tonight, on our 15th wedding anniversary we are falling asleep to the magical sounds of our sleep-deprived children fighting like two cats in a sack over where the dividing line in the bed is. Someone please pray we all survive...

I think I'd better get some rest. Oh wait, the sun's still up...

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