Monday, July 1, 2013

Airport Commentary

I'm not sure what day it is anymore but I think it's time for a little airport commentary. 

Norfolk -- our starting point. Its, well, it's Norfolk. Small, efficient, convenient. 

Dulles wasn't all that memorable but we spent quite a bit of unscheduled time there getting on and off our plane due to equipment malfunctions. They did give the kids free pretzels for waiting so patiently. 

Denver has good terminal train service and excellent directional signage. This comes in quite handy at a full sprint. The rest of it was a blur -- literally. 

Anchorage has some pretty cool displays you don't see elsewhere and a good fro-yo stand. They also have a fish shipping station  -- very unique. 

I think I slept walked through Seattle because the only thing I remember was being appalled at having to flush my own toilet. 

Chicago - after 9+ hours at this locale I'd have to rank this one best overall airport.  Crowded and cancelled flights, but if you've got to be stuck this is the place to be.  Good dining, nice displays, and by far the best bathrooms complete with automatic toilet seat covers. They even had a kids play area which may have saved the lives of my children...

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