Monday, July 1, 2013

The Last Leg -- Day 5

It's our last day in Alaska. I only woke up a few times and managed to sleep until 7. The rest of the family is out like a light and it's nearly 9. If I were in Anchorage I would have ventured out but the prospect of death by mosquito here in Denali means I'm trapped until everyone wakes up. 

9:10am -- I finally stirred around enough to wake the children. 

After a much more restful night & a good breakfast, we struck out for Denali park visitors center & trails. We had some good photo opportunities.

As Cayden was making her "scared face" her gum fell out of her mouth & into the floor. 

We finally had an opportunity to do some hiking along the trails. 

We didn't get to do any rock climbing, so we just faked it.

One final bus to the airport and we're headed for home. Farewell Denali. You truly are the crown jewel of the North. Thanks Aunt Mary, Jim & Susan for the opportunity. 

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